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The Nuvon VEGA System provides a powerful platform to securely capture all of the data being generated by the medical devices in any size health care environment starting with a single department or functional area.

Scale easily, inexpensively and on your schedule whether you're doing a department-only implementation or a multi-entity deployment.

The capabilities of the system are the same in any environment – seamless data capture, best in class management, best in class notifications, best in class deployment.

Nuvon has an unmatched ability to scale with you both within your environment and across your evolving spectrum of data needs for the continuum of care.


Unmatched Scalability

Basic department-level medical device connectivity is no longer a plan for the future – it is a requirement for today.

Your organization needs a robust system for your medical device integration (MDI) requirements today that also expands to include more devices, additional departments and remote locations. Nuvon's VEGA System single management controller connects all devices, regardless of location. As your needs expand, Nuvon expands with you, but without requiring any greater commit of your IT staff or resources.


Simple Deployment

We've made lengthy and expensive implementations a thing of the past.

Our light footprint turnkey technology is built on an open architecture design. It is a robust, highly efficient, highly functional and scalable software platform. Unlike competitors, backend scalability can be achieved without additional, costly hardware procurement and time-consuming server set-ups.

Nuvon provides large-scale medical device integration through a single software controller. The Nuvon VEGA System is easy to set-up, easy to deploy and easy to maintain. Adding more devices and departments is straightforward and inexpensive – no need to keep adding more backend servers or bedside workstations.


Nuvon's Autodiscovery – An Industry First

Nuvon's unique system architecture automatically searches, finds and seamlessly connects to all devices across the hospital enterprise.

Medical device data are flowing in short order, regardless of device manufacturer or type. For those devices that need wired/serial connectivity, all that is required is to plug a standard serial adapter and associated network cable into Nuvon's bedside or mobile connectivity device – it's plug and play. For network-connected devices, Nuvon's Autodiscovery feature allows the devices and their data to be recognized on Nuvon's network connection and the data flow automatically.


Interoperability with back-end EMRs

We've designed our system from the inside out to support unified data capture, communication, flow and management in an integrated fashion.

Based on a modular architecture, device data captured by Nuvon can integrate with all hospital information systems making it the ultimate platform for interoperability. As new standards (data formats, communication protocols, etc.) are adopted, Nuvon incorporates them and updates existing installations to facilitate compliance.

Nuvon's standards-based open interfaces protect your investments for future operational needs and new technical requirements. Nuvon is a leader in the development and adoption of the major connectivity open standards and is fully committed to supporting all standards across our products.


Streamlined Costs

With Nuvon, there's no added expense associated with procuring backend hardware and bedside workstations...

... required by other market solutions to support the growth and expansion of the system to cover multiple departments and locations.

Our server, which is typically deployed on a virtual partition, handles exponentially more connections than any other competitor. And, when the Nuvon system is upgraded, it is done remotely, seamlessly and with no overall system downtime.


Secure, Remote Access

Nuvon offers secure, remote medical device connectivity for technical management of the system to facilitate trouble-shooting and support from any location.

Most troubleshooting situations can be remediated remotely thus enabling greater responsiveness at lower cost. Nuvon's fully incorporated security capabilities are consistent with HIPAA privacy requirements. Data are transmitted securely, thereby facilitating communication over the open Internet.

Data can be viewed and monitored on multiple platforms including workstations, laptops, iPad or smart phones. Users are also individually authenticated to ensure access rights are maintained.


Mobility, Anywhere Patient to Device

When patients are being transported either inside or outside the hospital, in ambulatory care facilities, clinics, wherever the patient is located, Nuvon connects devices wirelessly...

to deliver continuous, gap-free data monitoring, keeping patient and data continuously linked. Nuvon also enables wireless mobility for medical devices to travel from bedside to bedside in the general ward, so we provide multiple points for positive patient identification.


Technical Advantages

Connecting disparate devices in a clinical setting is nothing new. There are companies out there that do this and Nuvon is one of them. But, ask yourself this: what about the data flowing from these devices? Can your vendor deploy an enterprise-wide medical device data collection system featuring:

A. The ability to manage data delivery from the point of collection to the point of distribution?
B. From anywhere in your enterprise with a single server implementation?
C. That can be managed completely through a secure web browser from a single desk in your enterprise?

Nuvon can and does. No one else can make this claim.

Technical Advantages

Cost Effective Scalability

A single Nuvon software server manages all device connections across multiple locations, within and outside the hospital.


An investment today in the Nuvon System means that customers can address the future with confidence knowing that they will not be surprised by additional hidden costs as they expand.

Nuvon Autodiscovery

Plug and Play Medical device integration with low cost standard cables achieved with a scalable, non-intrusive system.


Clinicians can spend less time with technology and more time with patients to achieve quality of care and customer satisfaction goals.

Patient-Specific Data Synchronization

Synchronizes time and terminology across all medical devices associated with specific patients, thereby optimizing data capture, clinical decision-making, data management, and analysis.


Overcomes the problems of empty EMR records and/or erroneous data propagating to different clinical information systems.

Native Security

Embedded RSA security functionality


Supports Nuvon's overall ROI value proposition by including as part of the Nuvon System the highest level of encryption and user-set authentication rules, consistent with HIPAA privacy requirements.

Simple Mobile Solution

Provides wireless connectivity in any mode required so that medical device connectivity moves with the patient as well as with the devices.


Mobility is a natural extension of the Nuvon System as opposed to a bolt-on capability. This means that all of Nuvon's functionality operates seamlessly in a wireless environment and facilitates workflow integration.

Positive Patient Association/Identification

Provides a seamless and flexible solution for positive patient identification at the bedside for both fixed device scenarios and clinical mobile device scenarios.


Enables flexible solutions that meet the different workflow environments of different facilities.

Integrated System Solution

Provides an end-to-end solution that fully integrates hardware and software.


Delivers the highest performance with the lowest support based on the tight coupling of the system components while also providing an open architecture platform for greater customer control.


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Whether you are a care provider looking to unlock the rich information produced by patient-connected devices to empower better clinical decision-making and patient outcomes or an IT professional seeking a scalable connectivity solution that is simple and cost effective to deploy - Nuvon is the most scalable and evolutionary solution on the market today.

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If you are looking for a connectivity or informatics solution Nuvon will partner with you to improve patient care and outcomes now and for the future, without added IT stress, frustration and hidden cost.

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